Ball Machines

Owning a tennis ball machine provides numerous tennis options.  First, it allows you to play tennis whenever you want.  You don't need a hitting partner or can only play when another player is available.    You can take the ball machine anywhere.  There are ball machines available that are lightweight, collapsible, on wheels, battery powered that will fit in your car.  The ball machines are made for many different level players, from beginners to pro's.  The ball machines are pre-programmed with different style drills so you can work on many or one particular aspect of your game.  You can change the speed, spin, oscillation, feed rate and elevation.  The hopper holds up to 150 balls so you will spend more time working on you game versus stopping to pick up balls.

Whether you are an individual player looking to play more tennis or a club needing a commercial grade option, we have you covered.