How to Install a Tennis Net

How to Install a Tennis Net

1. Connect one loop end of the tennis net to the net post without a reel, commonly referred to as the “dead” end.

2. Depending on the type of net posts you are installing the tennis net onto; the next steps are as follows:

A.) Internal Wind Net Post: Almost all tennis net cables are manufactured with loops on each end.   You will need to cut off one of the loops. Pull the cut end over the “wheel” on the top of net post. Insert the cut end into the hole of the internal wind mechanism and begin winding/cranking the handle. Continue cranking the handle until the net is slightly over 3’ at the center of the net. NOTE: as you are cranking the cable, there may be too much cable which may not allow you to get the proper amount of tension. If so, unwind the cable and cut off some of the excess cable. If you are unsure how much to cut, start out cutting off smaller portions. If you cut too much, you will not be able to get enough tension on the net and will need to get a new cable.

B.) External Wind Net Post: Take the other cable loop and guide it over the “wheel” on the top of the net post. Connect the loop to the pin on the crank assembly and begin winding/cranking. Continue to crank the handle until the net is slightly over 3’ at the center of the net. Please see the “note” above if there is too much cable and you can’t get the proper amount of tension.

3. If dowels were supplied with the tennis net, insert the two dowels into the opening/pockets on each side of the net.

4. Usually one piece of lacing rope is furnished with the net. If so, cut the lacing rope in half. Take one piece of lacing rope and tie an approximately 2” knotted loop at one end. Run the other end of the lacing rope through both grommets on the headband of the net, around the net post, through the knotted loop and back around the net post in the opposite direction. Continue wrapping the lacing rope through the grommets on the side band, then through the lacing bars on the net post. As you move down the post, keep tension on the lacing rope. Once the lacing rope has been installed through all the grommets, begin at the top and pull on the lacing rope until the net is flush against the net post from top to bottom. Once the net is flush against the net post, tie the lacing rope at the bottom of the net post. Cut off any excess lacing rope.

5. Repeat on the other side/post.

6. Install the center strap so that the height of the net at the center is 36”. You will need to adjust the strap in order to get the correct tension and height.


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