How to Install a Tennis Net Cable

How to Install a Tennis Net Cable

The process of installing a tennis net cable into the tennis net headband can be easy – provided you have the right tool. The right tool is an electrical fish tape. The electrical fish tape is the tool electricians use to “fish” wire behind walls, ceilings etc. It is used the same way to pull the new net cable through the tennis net headband. Below is a summary of the process:

1. Remove the old tennis net cable.

2. Insert the “fish tape” into the tennis net headband opening and work it through the headband to the other side of the tennis net.

3. Once at the other end of the tennis net, attach the new tennis net cable to the fish tape.

4. Carefully pull the fish tape and cable through the tennis net headband.

5. Attach cable to the net post.

Depending on the type of net posts you have, you may need to cut off one of the end loops on the tennis net cable. This can be done easily with wire cutters or cable cutters. A hacksaw can also be used or as a last resort, place the cable against a concrete edge and strike it with a hammer.

If you don’t have an electrical fish tape, installing the tennis net cable can still be done. However, it’s a time consuming and somewhat frustrating process that takes two people. One person can work the end through the tennis net headband inch by inch, while the other person pushes the net cable through.

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