Water Removers

Water removers are a great option for removing water from the playing surface.  The water removers are great for tennis courts but can also be used on any hard surface, such as pickleball courts, bocce courts, walkways, driveways, golf greens and fairways to name a few.

There are two types of water removal rollers, the master sponge roller and the seamless sponge roller.

The master sponge roller is the blue roller.  It's made of tough PVA foam and is best used on flat surfaces in which you need to push the water out to the edges and off the surface.  The master sponge roller doesn't absorb much water.

The seamless sponge roller is the gray roller.  It is softer and more flexible than the master sponge roller,  and performs more like a sponge and absorbs the water.  Its better used for situations in which you need to absorb small amounts of water versus pushing larger amounts of water out to the edges and off the court.

You can purchase replacement rollers for each option that can easily replace an older roller.  To get the most use out of your roller, keep the rollers out of the sun when not in use and if possible, hang them when in storage.