Tennis Nets

Not all tennis court nets are created equal.  While the length (42') and height (42") of the nets are standard, the thickness of the netting, the headband, the net cable, the side and bottom tapes do vary.  We've created a couple of guides (Tennis Net Comparison Chart and Tennis Net Buying Guide) to assist you with questions you may have while deciding on which tennis net to purchase. 

There are numerous tennis nets to choose from and it can be overwhelming to pick just one, so if you have questions after reading our guides, call us at 1-800-571-2890 and we will assist you in choosing a net that best fits your needs and budget.

For a brief overview on the different types of tennis nets, here are some tips:

1.  The tennis nets we offer feature netting from 2.5 mm to 4 mm.  This refers to the thickness of the netting.  The thicker the netting is, the more durable the net will be, which generally translates to how long the net will last before needing to be replaced.

2.  The tennis net headband is available in either polyester or vinyl.  Both are good.  The downside of a polyester headband is that it is tough to clean so tennis nets with polyester headbands are not recommended for clay courts.  The downside of a vinyl headband is that over time, if exposed to direct sunlight, the vinyl can begin to crack.

3.  Some tennis nets feature double netting on the top 5-7 rows.  This area is the part of the net that tennis balls hit the most.  Therefore the double netting provides additional durability to that area.

4.  Some tennis nets have a feature referred to as "tapered".  This is an excellent feature and we highly recommend purchasing a tennis net that is tapered.  Being "tapered" means that the net is cut in a way that the height of the net is 42" at the ends but 36" in the middle.  The benefit of this is that there isn't excess netting material at the middle of the net rubbing against the surface which over time would wear down.  Tapering provides a nice clean finish and adds to the longevity of the net.