How to Replace a Tennis Net Headband

How to Install a Replacement Tennis Net Headband

Sometimes the stitching on the tennis net headband can become frayed and loose due to wear and tear or from improper manufacturing. Ideally, the stitching on the tennis net headband should be a minimum of double locked stitched but ideally the stitching should be quadruple locked stitched. Whatever the reason for the deterioration of the stitching, there is an option to replace just the tennis net headband.

There may come a time when the overall shape of the net is in good condition but the headband needs to be replaced. Replacing the tennis net headband is a simple process, cost effective and will improve the overall appearance of your tennis net and ultimately your tennis court.

The replacement tennis net headband is designed to go directly over the existing headband so it is not necessary to remove the existing headband.  

First, put the replacement tennis net headband temporarily in place. Cut off two pieces of lacing twine. Secure one end of the headband to the net post using the closest eyelet to that particular net post. Then secure the other end to the other net post. Check the replacement net headband to make sure it lines up correctly and that there is not extra headband at the ends.

If you are comfortable with the placement of the replacement headband, begin lacing the headband to the tennis net. Begin with the second eyelet and continue lacing to the opposite end of the tennis net. As you are lacing, make sure to pull the lacing cord tightly so that there is no slack.

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